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Student Directions Monumental Debates Explanatory Performance Task Task: Your history teacher presents a slide show about some famous monuments: the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Washington Monument. As your teacher shares reasons some people dislike some monuments, you realize that there is more to monuments than you previously thought. You decide to research why some people disagree about monuments. As part of your initial research, you find four articles about monuments. After you have reviewed these sources, you will answer some questions about them. Briefly scan the sources and the questions that follow. Then, go back and read the sources carefully to gain the information you will need to answer the questions and finalize your research. You may click the NOTES box to take notes on the information you find in the sources as you read. . Your notes will be available to you as you answer the questions.

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Which line would support the answer to the question of why malcom and donalbain feel they need to leave scotland
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In concrete mixers what seems to be the speakers feeling about the concrete mixers
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Asentence teacher gives the following speech. prepare a brief speech to accompany your science project. the speech will be presented to a faculty panel selected as judges. include a summary of your hypothesis, methods, and results. provide an explanation of any pictures or charts one of your poster. also share any complications you encountered during the science fair process. who is the intended audience for the teachers speech? a. young students. b. peers at the science fair. c. teacher evaluators. d. science professionals
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What is the effect of narrator's word choice on the tone of this passage? the words "my heart shrank within itself" create a fearful tone. the words "wounded his fellow" develop a remorseful tone. the words "struck harsh upon my ears" suggest an irritated tone. the words "better-omened" set a hopeful tone. excerpt from "the cabuliwallah" by rabindranath tagore i was sitting in my study, looking through the accounts, when some one entered, saluting respectfully, and stood before me. it was rahmun the cabuliwallah. at first i did not recognise him. he had no bag, nor the long hair, nor the same vigour that he used to have. but he smiled, and i knew him again. "when did you come, rahmun? " i asked him. "last evening," he said, "i was released from jail." the words struck harsh upon my ears. i had never before talked with one who had wounded his fellow, and my heart shrank within itself when i realised this; for i felt that the day would have been better-omened had he not turned up.
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