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If yellow, red and orange pigments exist in the leaves of trees, why are leaves green except for in the autumn?
a) chlorophyll is the most abundant off all the pigments.
b) chlorophyll molecules are the largest of the all pigment molecules.
c) chlorophyll reproduces faster than the other pigments.
d) green is the color of the spectrum most easily seen by humans.

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Which of these is not a function of some membrane proteins ? a. allowing polar molecules to enter the cell b. recognizing other types of cells c. receiving messeges from other cells b. carrying messages to oher cells
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Sally and sue were investigating the topic of friction in science. they used a small car and a ramp as seen in the picture to test what they were learning. they knew that they slipped easily on waxed floors but not on carpet, so they decided to change the material on the surface of the ramp to see what happened. they planned to use glass, carpet, aluminum foil, and sandpaper and run the car down the ramp over each surface. what would be the best research question to guide the girls' experiment? a) does the amount of surface area affect the friction on the moving car? b) will the car travel fastest on the glass surface? c) how does the angle of the ramp affect the speed of the car? d)do rougher surfaces tend to create more friction than smooth surfaces?
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Match each symbol with its description.
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2. cheryl hears a new song on the radio every day during the week on her commute to work. surprisingly, when the song comes on at a party on saturday night, she knows most of the words without trying. describe the three ways that we use cognition to learn without reinforcement. which type of cognitive learning without reinforcement best explains how cheryl knew the song lyrics? explain your answer.
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If yellow, red and orange pigments exist in the leaves of trees, why are leaves green except for in...

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