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How do I make pop art inspired by Hollywood dreams?

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Which pair of words best describes dada art? a. emotional and colorful b. dynamic and joyous c. realistic and dreamlike d. political and controversial
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16. apply. select something from your home that is used solely for aesthetic purposes. critique it using the four steps of art criticism. when you are finished, ask yourself if the object seems different than it did before. has your opinion of the object changed? 17. analyze. find a movie criticโ€™s review of a current film in a newspaper or magazine. read it carefully. try to find statements that fit each of the four steps of art criticism. answer one either one 16 or 17
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Choose the statement that best describes why textiles should not be exposed to ultraviolet rays a. ultraviolet rays fade the colors in the fabric b. ultraviolet rays will ignite the threads c. ultraviolet rays fade and weaken the fabric d. ultraviolet rays will weaken the fabric
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What is perception? a) the complete awareness of an object b) the artists point of view c) the outline of an object
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How do I make pop art inspired by Hollywood dreams?...

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